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Classroom Spotlight for Week of October 31st - Mr. Bukoski, Social Science/Health FJSHS


6th grade World History classes have been taking a journey out east, way out east.  The journey began in August as they ventured back in time and studied early humans and how they hunted and gathered food.  We learned how the first civilizations began in Mesopotamia.  The students have gone back in time and are studying how each civilization has formed its government, how each civilization grew and prospered, why each settled where they settled, how religion played an important part in its society, and how each has transformed their country and civilization into what it is today.  The journey has been long and grueling and sometimes hostile as the times in the past have been rocked by civil wars, overtaking empires, and harsh dictators.  Each civilization has had its ups and downs and a few have even had an impact on our country.  The journey is not done yet as we will continue to stay out east and study the Greeks and the Egyptians.


Decision Making.  FACTS:  7 out of 10 deaths are preventable and "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"  So, what does that mean?  The fact is that we are in control of how long we can live.  With good decision making, positive self esteem, and good habits, we can live a long, healthy life.  The longer one has a poor habit, the harder it is to change.  If we can start building positive health habits, our chances of living a longer healthy life increases.  Every little bit we do now to take care of our bodies, the longer life we will live and the less things we will need to change later in life.  In health classes, we have been studying the effects of certain chemicals (tobacco, alcohol, and drugs) have on the body and how to make wise decisions regarding their lives.  By presenting the facts, we hope students will make wise decisions regarding their lives.  By presenting the facts, we hope students will make wise decisions about their life and not fall into negative peer pressure.  As we continue through the semester, we will discuss how to take care of ourselves by building healthy relationships and eating right.


The 7th Grade US History class began the year studying how and why the United States began.  Specifically, early explorers and colonization.  They analyzed why the explorers were leaving their homeland and what they were looking for.  The students will identify what the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies all had in common and what they differed in.  They will also analyze how the untrained and under supplied colonists were able to defeat the powerhouse country of that time period.  In addition, the students will study the Constitution and its importance.

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