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Grading Policy


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  • Homework = Practice = Small Part of Grade = Get Help as needed to understand


  • It will be discussed so we can know what we understand and what we need to clarify and practice some more.  This is called metacognition.


  • I will keep track of completion for evidence of effort when collecting progress data (grades).  We only get better at the things we practice.  If students don’t practice they should not be disappointed when they do not show progress.


  • Grades will document progress towards mastery of the standards only which means there will be no extra credit, no completion grades, no effort grades, ect.


  • Grading on a 10 point scale.


  • The largest part of the grade will be based on work completed in class only:


              “Progress Checks” = 2 - 5 questions on current lessons (probably weekly or so) - few points


              Quizzes = Cover multiple progress checks (every few weeks) - more points


              Midpoint and End of the Unit Tests - most points 


  • Students will have multiple opportunities to show mastery by completing corrections or re-takes per teacher discretion. 


  • Students must be showing an effort to learn (are they completing homework, asking questions, getting extra help?); they do not get to re-take and “hope they get lucky”.


  • Re-takes’s are due by the end of the following week. (This may be different at the end of grading periods)


  • I will record the highest score.